HELP FOR ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS! WE OFFER GREAT Social Media Management & Support Customer Relationship Support Administration Support Accounts Support HR Support Governance, Compliance & Legal Admin Support

We provide scalable business services that help small business owners leverage their time and manage cashflow

Essential Business Services

Who is answering your phone?  Do they understand the importance of first impressions?
Where do you capture client information? How easy do you make it for clients to pay you?

Keeping the money flowing into your business is possible – GWS Professional Service’s business advisors and support team will set up systems and put processes into place to make it all a breeze.

Growth Business Services

You don’t have enough hours in the day.  You’ve got great people not fully utilised and productive. Your clients aren’t paying on time.

Your business will only grow as much as you are willing to personally let go of the everyday tasks and responsibilities that do not HAVE to be carried out by you.

Scalable Business Services

Pitching for that one big client or job that will take you to the next level? Needing more hands to get through this season or event? Testing out a new product or service?

In today’s business environment, clients are demanding more and more of you.  Winning work may be brilliant, yet if you can’t meet client’s expectation it may end in disaster.  So how do successful business owners scale up at crucial times? They thought about it from the get go to ensure when the time did come, they were ready! Or, they seek assistance – but from who?

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