Our core values and beliefs

INNOVATION: We do more with less ..... We work to your budget... everyone needs to start somewhere You know you can do more with your tools ... but you’ve not had the time to work out HOW to do it. Let us show you. Change need not be massive: step by step, one little improvement, everyday.

AUTHENTICITY: We operate with candour for transparency.... open and honest is our only way we document all that we do so you can maintain control of your own business we report our actions to you as and when they are performed so you know what you are paying for

COMPASSION: We collaborate with individuals for growth... You have great ideas... we want to help you make them happen We can help you identify where you can make a head start You know what to do... we’ll be the extra pair of hands you need

DEDICATION: We are passionate about service we want to help you! we love to do the tasks that you dislike we are efficient and friendly

Why we do what we do

Why we provide business owners with scaleable support services to achieve leveraged results.

GWS Professional Services was founded by Michelle Forrester in 2017 to provide support services to her consulting clients who were  frustrated with the lack of professional, smart ‘ad-hoc’ support available locally.  Many of them had tried with mixed results to employ virtual assistants offshore or made do with casual or part time students or “mums”.  What they found was…..

Why we provide people with alternative career pathways so that they may flourish personally and professionally.

Founding advisers Jessica Mowle and Jasmine Kim understand how hard it is to get a foot in the door in Australian firms and businesses after years of higher education, hard work and juggling ad hoc casual work to pay the bills only to find the doors to most jobs in their chosen profession to be firmly closed.

In May 2017, they were willing to try new ideas to attain their holy grail and met Michelle at her very first “Job Audition”.  The initial job ad on seek looked like any other however had a twist or two. Instead of the dry cumbersome questions to address in your application & request for an academic transcript, the first step was completing a survey. The second step was being put into a random situation, as a volunteer at a charity breakfast, and given instructions on the fly as to what to do. The third step was a group interview, focusing on what you have done and what you want to do, rather than the traditional strengths and weaknesses style questions.

Great work needs an inspiring environment to thrive… Our office can be found at Grounded Space