Social media is important for everyone... community and connection is something everyone needs it can be customized for you and your business change will never be as slow as it is right now #educational #tool human beings are social beings

  • Social Ready Assessment: How ready are you to commit to Social Media?

    A report outlining our recommendations for your existing or potential social media presence

    People buy from people and companies that they like and have similar values. 

    Social Media is a point that most people refer to prior to buying from you. 

    They look at: 

    • Are you there yet? Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – Business Page, LinkedIn
    • What do you have there?  Are you posting regularly? Can they talk to you via messenger?  Are you online now and responsive? 
    • How active are you in your community? 
    • Can they identify with you?  Do you identify with them?

    We look at: 

    • Are you organised or isolated? 
    • How ready is your business to commit to engaging your clients online and key partners?
    • Why do you want to be on social media? Do you need to be there really?
    • How do you find your clients via others if they themselves are not users of social media?

    Based on our assessment, we will provide you options for the different social media platforms and how likely they are to support your current business objectives and available resources & budget.

    1 hour consultation included so we can get to know each other and understand how we may well work together. All of our programs are designed for your success.


    A detailed report and series of recommendations for your business to maximise client engagement.

    Clever 21st century businesses create more than they consume.  Social is connection – OFFLINE as much as as ONLINE.

    We will provide you with options for content development and recommendations for creation and publishing frequency taking into consideration:

    • What are you primary business goals and objectives and how can social media support these goals and targets?
    • What are your expectations – behaviour, results, connection, interaction?  
    • What do you believe are the expectations of your  clients, staff, suppliers, and key partners now? 
    • Are your clients and stakeholders they engaged or detached?  
    • Are you organised or isolated?   Can your clients tell and is this stopping them buying from you? 
    • What resources do you have available to create and connect? 

    2 hour Consultation included to get to the heart of your social media questions, concerns and ideas.  All of our programs are designed for your success and the success of your stakeholders.

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