Michelle’s refreshing approach combines design thinking, mentoring and collaboration.

Michelle helps you create a business or career growth and exit strategies from business, work or relationships to match your needs to your available resources for a more personalised outcome.

Her broad career experience spans diverse roles and levels from small business owner from the age of 19, to team leadership and management, giving her a holistic perspective of business requirements from the strategic to the detailed level. Managing people and SME’s for more than 20 years, Michelle partners with you to create an individual map to guide you to solid growth, so you achieve stronger results in life, business or both.

As a Talent Manager, Michelle represents a number of creative and innovative entrepreneurs, artists & musicians, and business owners looking to break away from the daily grind into a leveraged business that provides them with opportunity to build their wealth, focus on their health and build a legacy.

When it comes to Talent Matchmaking, Michelle wants to know what motivates you, and why you want to be who you want to be. Michelle wants to know your story and is looking for affinity between you and her talent base of employers seeking solid, committed, long term business relationships.